Testimonial for The Social Brain Course

Hi Ken, I have just completed the Social Brain Certificate. It was an excellent course and easy to navigate.

The quality and relevance of the material was of very high standard - it runs rings around a Neuroleadership Course I did online last year with another organisation.

As a Principal, I love that it highlights the significance of students social and emotional development along with their cognitive development. This is so important and yet our schools given their complexities are not winning this battle. We can't keep pushing out the curriculum despite the students social and emotional well-being state. So many students are not in the right frame for learning when they step into the classroom. So many homes experience violence and trauma as a day to day normality. I have experienced this fact, many times as Principal. Principals realise this but can only help one child at a time or run into challenges as the child returns home day after day. We can only work on what we can influence. 

Teachers want the best for our young people but sometimes feel powerless to change things. We need a whole community approach. We can have new hope in a social approach.

Hopefully the more teachers who study with you and are exposed to this type of research will start to make changes that make a difference for our young people. 

They deserve it.

Congratulations on designing a great course. I am glad I had the opportunity to complete it. Judi Newman

(Former Principal of North Rockhampton State High School 2007-2014)

Last modified: Monday, 4 February 2019, 1:36 PM